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Health: travel insurance, what to choose?

The time for the big departure has come! You've finally made the decision to leave. So it's time for preparations. Between visas, plane tickets, bag preparation and itinerary, we sometimes forget the most important thing: health! What travel insurance to choose for your trip?  

Whether it's for a trip of a few weeks, months or years, it's important to take certain health measures before you go by taking out travel insurance.

The right reflexes before departure:

To start, let's make a short list of best practices before we leave.

  • Make an appointment with your GP, dentist and specialist in order to leave the body healthy and especially the serene mind.If you are on medical treatment (contraceptive pill, chronic illness), remember to have the medication prescribed for the entire duration of your trip. And keep the prescriptions with you throughout your trip if needed.
  • Prepare a medical kit that is appropriate for the destination and type of trip you are planning. Also, don't hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
  • Check the official website of your destination, mandatory and recommended vaccines. And ask your doctor for more information. Be aware that they are not reimbursed by Social Security and that the total amount can quickly increase. But let's not laugh with health, budget and make the recommended vaccines.Anticipating, some vaccines are done several times. So allow a margin so you can have them all before you leave.
  • Finally, find out about travel insurance and take out insurance if necessary

Why buy travel insurance?

If you still hesitate about the usefulness of travel insurance, do some research on the medical expenses, often exorbitant, of some destinations. 

We are never safe from a medical emergency while travelling. A fall during a hike, a car accident or a simple ear infection: a glitch has happened quickly and can quickly spoil the rest of the journey. The bill is usually very salty so do not neglect this point during your preparations.

In addition, not to mention health, taking out travel insurance allows you to access many other convenient travel coverages such as:

  • Travel cancellation
  • Liability
  • Baggage insurance
  • Activities at risk
Bank card insurance or specialty insurance, which one to choose based on my trip? 

Between your credit card insurance and specialized insurance offers, you don't know what to choose. The criterion of choice is simple: the duration of your trip.

If you are planning a trip of less than 90 days: contact your bank. She will tell you more about the insurance and assistance of your bank card before going to the specialized insurance. Most of the time, for a short trip, your card insurance will suffice. However, I invite you to check the proposed guarantees. They may vary depending on your card, your bank,… (Warning, this type of insurance only works if you have to pay for your airline tickets with your credit card.)

But if your journey is more than 3 months, turn directly to specialized insurance: Chapka, ACS, AVI, April,… and many more. They are ready to advise you depending on the type of trip you are planning (PVT visa, around the world,…).You can find comparisons of these insurances on the net.

Chapka Insurance

After reading some reviews, on blogs and comparing different insurance, we chose Chapka Insurance as health travel insurance; to follow us on our adventures in Australia, more than 2 years ago. And since then, we've been loyal to it ever!

We chose them because they offered a specific insurance for the Work Vacancy Visa (PVT), which we had for Australia, with the Cap Working Holiday contract.

They allow you to benefit from more than complete insurance: unlimited medical and hospital expenses reimbursed in the 1sturo, repatriation assistance 24 hours a day and 7/7. And many other equally important guarantees such as: baggage insurance, return ticket in case of early return, ticket in case of death of a loved one (some insurance does not offer it and you might regret it, believe me we speak from experience). 

And they also cover the practice of risky sports!!As divers and surfers, it didn't take us much to subscribe. 

Already 3 contracts signed at Chapka, and soon a 4th!

Two Cap Working Holiday contracts at our PVT in Australia; A Cap Adventure contract for our trip to Bali. And so far, we have never been disappointed with their services. Because we are small natures, we needed to use their services more than once.

Need information to prepare your PVT in Australia

Whether it's a repeat ear infection in the middle of the Australian bush or a bacterial angina in Bali, they have always been responsive and listening to us.And when you look at the cost of medical expenses in Australia, it's well worth it !!!

The advantage we like about Chapka is the fact that we can manage our claims online. It's super convenient when you move all the time and you don't like to handle the paperwork too much.  

Most specialist insurance companies offer the same main guarantees such as repatriation or medical expenses. But they may differ on others.

That's why it's important to compare them in order to find the one that meets your expectations and especially your needs.

Don't wait any longer and leave with a serene mind by taking out the insurance that will meet your needs and your trip!

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